Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Most Interesting Mugshot Ever!

It might be the most interesting mugshot we've seen since The Jail Report started publishing in June -- a woman with a black eye making a funny face for her front shot and holding her dentures to her neck in the side view.

Here's the story: This is 35-year-old Leslie McClendon of Augusta, a repeat offender who was charges on Sunday with disorderly conduct. Her citation states she is a "known prostitute" who was "walking down Greene Street with shirt over head exposing herself."

We're not sure how Leslie got the bruiser. We know Richmond County authorities are very familiar with her. In fact, The Jail Report has featured her before. Since June, she's been arrested at least twice for disorderly conduct. Before that, her record's longer than her hair.

But her mugshots were never this interesting.


  1. she looks like she rides the short bus they must make her where a helmet because she licks the windows.

  2. This woman came on my porch and took a glass of sweet tea from my wife. Then she had the nerve to ask her for a T-shirt she could have. My wife was so shocked by the audacity, she could barely move. Next time she'll find the business end of the front stairs.

  3. She look like she's been struck by a truck. Not only that, she look like she had a stroke.

  4. "Voulez vous couchez avec moi c'est soir?"
    No, not c'est soir, sister.