Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Source, Part II

Aiken County has arrested another person with manufacturing marijuana. On Monday, they busted 47-year-old Rusty Noling of Aiken on the felony offense.

As with many criminals, it's not Rusty's first time being charged. He was arrested in February 2006 by Aiken County on the same charge of manufacturing marijuana as well as possession of controlled substances.

We're not sure how Rusty got busted this time for marijuana, but authorities charged him with driving under suspension, which suggests it may have started as a traffic stop.

We labeled this "Part II" because Aiken County authorities last week busted another gentleman with manufacturing marijuana. As you may recall, Dowell Fulmer, 45, of Aiken, was arrested on a felony charge of manufacturing marijuana.

Mr. Fulmer was also no stranger to Aiken County authorities, having been charged previously with criminal domestic violence, assault, shoplifting, probation violation, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, malicious injury to property and harassment.

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