Thursday, September 24, 2009

Color Me Bad, Part Two

The Richmond County Sheriff's Office recently had two colorful suspects in their jail.

Sade Smith, 22, of Augusta (top), and Barbara Williams, 17, of Augusta (bottom), were each booked into the jail on Sept. 17 on a single charge of disorderly conduct. We got their mugshots today.

Is this the new style? Purple and blue hair?


  1. Both of you all look like damn fools with that in your head. The color don't even match your completion. Just ghetto.........This is why you can't find a decent job with that in your head. Just look at yourself...Look like you're from the projects, and smoke weed. Sade, that's not your shade. You look old and dusty. I bet your feet even rusty. Barbara, get it together, cause no boo-boo, you need a new you!

  2. Lol funny thing barbara is a prostitute who calls herself red. Hope Cid gets her again