Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Beater Upper from North Augusta (Allegedly)

Yes, we created a new name for Joseph Bragg. The Beater Upper.

A look at the multiple charges filed over the last decade against the 33-year-old North Augusta man shows a person who (allegedly) likes to beat up other people, including those he supposedly has a relationship with.

According to jail records, Mr. Bragg was charged Friday afternoon with assault & battery of a high & aggravated nature, a charge filed by the North Augusta Department of Public Safety. That's the mugshot from yesterday at the top followed by a few other mugshots from his past visits to the jail. The jail records list the alleged Beater Upper as 5'11" and 150 pounds.

To get a sense of what law enforcement has been dealing with over the last six years in regards to Mr. Bragg, take a look at the charges filed against him:

January 2004: Criminal domestic violence
May 2004: Criminal domestic violence of a high & aggravated nature
April 2006: 2 counts of forgery
May 2008: Assault & battery, operating an uninsured vehicle
June 2008: Criminal domestic violence
August 2008: Disorderly conduct - profanity, operating an uninsured vehicle, no vehicle license
January 2009: Criminal domestic violence
April 2009: Driving without a driver's license
Yesterday: Assault & battery of a high & aggravated nature

Obviously, these were only charges. He may have been found not guilty. But law enforcement officials in Aiken County have obviously built a case against Mr. Bragg that suggests he likes to beat up other people. We just hope a judge takes his history into account when figuring out how to treat someone who apparently has so little respect for others.

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  1. why am i not suprised i dated mr bragg a long time ago and he was always hitting on me so yeah when i seen this really all i could do was laugh it does not suprise me on bit...