Saturday, October 31, 2009

Scary Assault in Hephzibah

On Halloween, we have news of a scary assault from Hephzibah that resulted in Thursday's arrest of 21-year-old Russell Newman of Augusta.

Deputies had their hands full earlier this month when they responded to a loud-noise complaint on the 2000 block of Brown Road in Hephzibah. Richmond County Deputy Dale Crocker found 23-year-old William Hixon in the bed of a green S-10 pickup truck. He was highly intoxicated and had a bloody mouth, cuts to his forehead and what looked like a broken nose.

Officers called for an ambulance, but Mr. Hixon didn't want medical treatment and kept saying his nose wasn't broken.

An officer described the scene in an incident report: "The victim while refusing medical attention made a statement that he had to make some money tonight, which didn't make sense due to his intoxicated state and his injuries. The victim would calm down for a bit and then become irate and combative. The victim had to be convinced to go to the hospital for treatment."

After arriving at the Medical College of Georgia, the victim told the deputy that his wallet, keys and cell phone had been taken from him.

An investigation into the Mr. Hixon's serious injuries led to this week's arrest of Mr. Newman (pictured above) on charges of aggravated battery. The suspect, who is 6 feet tall and 150 pounds, remains at the Richmond County Detention Center today under no bond.

They'll be no trick-or-treating for Mr. Newman tonight.


  1. Looks like hes been crying. Life finally caught up with him. Hope he get evrything he deserves!! JAIL TIME!!

  2. What is sad is that about 20 other people were involved in this incident, but no one else wants to serve jail time therefore they are keeping their mouths shut. Honestly, I can't blame them, but truth will come out soon enough. We are praying for Mr. Hixon and Mr. Newman in this terrible situation. I am sure both families are hurting and going through a lot. They are in the prayers of people all over the place. God bless.

  3. What is really sad is noone that was there would fight one on one. You are all a bunch of mummies, and you know who you are. Hopefully you will all get the max and pay$$$$

  4. Russell deserves everything, and I mean EVERYTHING he gets. This boy has long list of things he has been in trouble for before but has never gotten much time for it. He still acts like a child and has yet to learn his lesson. It's about time for him to grow up and start acting his age. Him and his little girlfriend are always the dead center of any kind of drama...

  5. +2 points for russell i like that dude

  6. Russell is now married to my sister and he failed to mention this little incident well i guess he should have been honest with the family cos now we are going to have some serious problems he beats my sister and is so controlling if you knew the real him like we do you wouldnt be praying for him or his family he is nothing but a piece of S*** and he is worthless trash!!!

    1. Yep Russell was T.C.B after we seen a female that got hit buy Hixon.. All them lil punks just sat there and watched! Till they felt safe where they could get a hit on Hixon and not get beat up! And of course everybody went back to Mcfarm house lol and started snitchin on Russell... But oh well its funny 10 or better people said Russell beat Hixon's face in and it only took one of them Newsome boys to go down there and get him out.. "No bond" lol funny! snitchin dont getcha nowhere T.C.B does