Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stealing Cable

It's not a common charge, but 25-year-old Corrine Santero of Aiken found herself in jail Saturday night on a charge of using cable service without authorization. She was busted by Aiken public safety officers. She was also charged with a fraudulent check.

From the look in her eyes, Corrine was a little bit surprised and upset at the arrest. According to jail records, she's never been in trouble before in Aiken County.

Apparently, cable providers take theft of their services pretty seriously. According to Comcast, cable theft is the unauthorized interception and/or receipt of any communications service offered over a cable system without the consent of the cable operator.

Cable theft usually occurs when an individual knowingly and willfully makes illegal physical connections to a cable system or alters (or installs) any unauthorized equipment so that the cable signal can be received without the authorization or knowledge of a cable operator.

Any unauthorized person who intercepts or receives communications provided over a cable system may be penalized under the Cable Communication Policy Act of 1984. This includes the theft of audio, video, textual data, and any other service. Parties found guilty of cable theft are subject to both civil and criminal penalties, which may include substantial fines and/or time in prison.

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