Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Domestic Abuser in Warrenville

Kenneth Pressley, 33, of Warrenville, was arrested this morning for criminal domestic violence, at least the third time he's been arrested for the charge. That's his mugshot from today at the top.

We've included some of his other mugshots from his criminal past. A look at his record shows a serious lapse in judgment in 2002 when he was arrested a few times, racking up charges for reckless driving, malicious injury to personal property, failure to stop for blue lights, driving under a suspended license, speeding, open container, resisting arrest and criminal domestic violence.

In 2006, he was again taken to jail on a criminal domestic violence charge. A year later, he was charged with DUI and failure to appear in family court.


  1. This guy looks like such an upstanding citizen....lol

  2. this is my barber