Monday, October 26, 2009

Prostitution in Aiken County

An Aiken woman with a history of drug abuse was charged Sunday with prostitution.

Stacia Gerlock, 32, was arrested Sunday afternoon on the single charge of prostitution and booked into the Aiken County Jail.

The suspect has a long history with police, including multiple drug charges dating back many years for possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine and manufacture/distribution of crack cocaine. She has also been charged with violating her probation.

The top mugshot was taken Sunday, while the bottom picture is a mugshot from a 2004 arrest for drugs.

Stacia looked happier five years ago.


  1. So, how much did she have to pay her "customers"?

  2. It is sad what crack cocaine does to you.
    He who is sinless, cast the first stone...

  3. she was very pretty as a young lady