Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vandals Caught With Silver Paint on Clothes & Hands

The Aiken Standard is reporting the arrests of two vandalism suspects who were caught with silver paint on their hands and clothes. We've got the mugshots.

Levi Garrow, 18 (top), and Isaiah Johnson Jr., 18 (bottom), both of Aiken, were each charged with multiple counts of malicious injury $1,000 or less.

According to The Standard, the teenagers are accused of vandalizing a number of cars on Carriage Drive. They are also suspected of spray-painting a sign at the entrance to The Colony, a motorcycle on Greengate Circle and a sign at the entrance to Citizens Park.

Investigators are examining whether the pair could have caused the vandalism at South Aiken High School.
Someone spray-painted profane words on the main building and a mobile classroom, The Standard reports.

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