Thursday, October 8, 2009

Soldier Busted for Driving 101 mph

A Fort Gordon soldier was arrested for speeding last weekend, but he admits he was "going fairly fast."

We got this mugshot today of Joshua Randall, a 26-year-old Massachusetts man who is training at Fort Gordon. According to jail records, the soldier's vehicle was clocked at 101 mph in a 55 mph zone on the Bobby Jones Expressway. It was 3:10 in the morning Saturday when a deputy busted him on Bobby Jones near Glenn Hills.

The Jail Report wanted to know what it felt like to get arrested for speeding, so we called Joshua this morning. He didn't seem as surprised, explaining "I was going fairly fast." The soldier didn't say where he had been that morning, but he said he was "in a rush to get home and get to sleep."

But after clocking Joshua at 46 mph over the speed limit, a deputy had a different idea and took him to jail.

Maybe Josh got some sleep in the jail cell.

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