Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We'd Hate to See the Victim

Despite large scratches on Catrice Dennis' face, authorities say she was not the victim in a domestic dispute over the weekend.

Ms. Dennis, 21, (shown above), was arrested for simple battery after a rough-and-tumble fight with her boyfriend, 25-year-old Vincent Willis, on Sunday morning. The sheriff's office released this photo today.

According to a report, the couple were having a "verbal altercation over another woman," a fight that moved outside their apartment at 2841 Hazel Street in Augusta. In an apparent confession, Ms. Dennis told authorities she threw a cup and an iron at Mr. Willis before taking him down to the ground.

"She attempted to kick him while on the ground, and he grabbed her by the face and attempted to push her off," a report states. "Willis said he was only trying to keep Dennis away and did not intentionally scratch her face."

Deputies noticed a large scratch on the boyfriend's leg. After taking her confession, officers handcuffed Ms. Dennis and took her to jail on a charge of simple battery - family violence.

If the couple had been in church on Sunday morning in stead of fighting, maybe the whole thing could have been avoided. We're just saying.

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